Melissa M. Tanner

Lecture at HPA

Teaching robotics to Mrs. Richman's 6th grade class. Photo courtesy of High Point Academy.

Outreach and Community Service

Current Outreach

  • MIT Educational Counselor - If you're applying for MIT undergrad, I might be your interviewer!
  • Deadbolts team mentor - I help out with a FIRST FTC Robotics team at Monrovia High School.
  • Caltech SOPS President - I run the Society of Professional Students, MCE's grad student life group.

Speaking Engagements

Tanner Research, Oct 2011. MHS robotics team, fall 2011. MHS robotics team, spring 2011. MHS Math and Science Academy, Nov 2011. Mrs. Richman's HPA 6th graders, winter 2011 and 2012.

Past Outreach

WiSE and KEYS with SWE. Volunteering with Camino Seguro in Guatemala. Beaverdash. Various activities in high school.

Contact Me

Work phone: x4470
Office: Gates-Thomas 205